History Lesson – Targoviste, Romania

Targoviste – View from “Chindiei Tower”

“History is the version of the past that people have decided to agree upon” – Napoleon Bonaparte In our previous article, Urban Backpackers, we talked about the capital city of Romania. However, looking a bit back in history, one can learn that Bucharest wasn’t always the most important city of the country. Between the early […]

People of Romania: Brasov (part III)


“Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts” Salman Rushdie The novelist’s words take me back to the first part of this article. If you remember, in “People of Romania – Brasov – Part l” I mentioned Mihai’s favorite restaurant as being “Ceasu’Rau” – translated as The Bad Clock, the legend foretells […]


Bucharest communism

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, a country located at the crossroads of Southeastern and Central Europe. Known by its diversity, by the mix of the past with the modern, Bucharest is for sure a destination that will surprise you with all its secrets. For example, did you know that Bucharest was formerly called Little Paris? That […]