Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

painted monasteries of bucovina

Despite the fact “Easter” has already passed for the Catholic Christians, us, Orthodox are still celebrating the Holy Week until Sunday, the Day of the Resurrection. Today we continue our journey through places of worship all the way across the country in the north-east part of the country, where beautiful Bucovina will reveal Painted Monasteries […]

Wooden Churches of Maramures

wooden churches of maramures

Because it’s Easter time we invite all of you in a journey through places of worship in Romania, most of them being included on UNESCO World Heritage list. We start our journey in the north-western region, Maramures. From a folkloric point of view, the region comprises four distinct entities: Tara Chioarului, Tara Lapusului, Tara Maramuresului (the […]

Romanian Easter Traditions – part 2

romanian easter traditions

Easter is a great chance for celebration, vacation and dining in Romania. With so many different traditions from region to region, I would say it is the most rich in individual culture. One of the most meaningful traditions in the orthodox religion on Easter is receiving the Holly Light. The journey starts in Jerusalem at […]

Romanian Easter Traditions – part 1

romanian easter traditions

That time of year is nearly here. We can smell the sweet perfume of blooming trees, spring flowers, we can see the grass grow and we can hear the birds sing, and after a month of fasting, boy do those birds look tasty. We are nearing the end of the Easter fasting and the start […]

Where to go – Fanciest places recently opened

hadar chalet

Today we will share with the world our latest discoveries and experiences. We started up with the opening of a new, highly interesting and needed place here in Bucharest, a big investment and collaboration of Seytour and Dr. Leahu, to create The Center of Excellence in Healthcare and Tourism.  After we attended a presentation of […]

What’s next – Events, Concerts, Festivals

International Theatre Festival_SIBIU

Not yet summer but still warm enough to get the fun and games started. This year a wave of concerts and other events come rushing over Romania. From rock concerts, classical music festivals, film festivals, sports events and why not nerd conventions. We warm up this spring with some sports. After Romania’s Simona Halep takes […]

The nettle – A spring delicacy


This time of year, according to Romanian Christian Orthodox tradition, we start the Easter fasting. This is a good occasion to go on a diet or cleanse your system. When it comes to fasting, Romanians are really inventive. You see, we have a deep love for good food so we would like to eat good […]

Amazing Prahova Valley

sinaia monastery-entrance

Next on our journey in the search for an Easter spring holiday is Valea Prahovei and Sinaia, the beautiful mountain area close to the capital city, Bucharest. The area is just 2 hours drive from Bucharest and it consists of a series of beautiful mountain resorts along the Prahova River. We start off with Sinaia […]

Fairy Tale Land of Bucovina

Rarau Mountains_sunset

Still in search of the perfect Easter holiday we explore today a new region of Romania. We do not leave the embrace of the mountains and the beauty of nature, so we start a journey in Bucovina, in Campulung Moldovenesc to be exact, not only the city, but the scenery that surrounds it. Campulung Moldovenesc is a […]

Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara (UNESCO Heritage)

medieval citadel of sighisoara

Now that spring is here, the sun is shining bright and the air started to smell of flowers, we realize that the Easter holidays are coming. And what a good time it is for a nice vacation in the heart of Romania, the mysterious Transylvania.  Where else in Transylvania can we find more mystery and […]