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If I could give you one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” Mary Schmich

The summer days are slowly passing and we should take advantage of the time left to enjoy the sun, sand and water from the Black Sea shores. And as we mentioned before, Romania takes pride in its diversity. There is a place somewhere for everyone, whether you are looking for water sports, parties, cures and treatments or a retreated, well organized beach to try them all. Here is a short list of Romanian beaches to show you what we mean by diversity.

H2O Beach – Mamaia Resort exit

Kite Spot

Main brands on call: Slingshot / Skullcandy / Rip Curl

Just before you exit Mamaia resort, on a piece of sand long ignored by many, H2O was developed by riders since 2004. This is the place where kites have risen for the first time in Romania, as well as the first Kiteboarding School on H2O Beach!

The spot offers everything you need from kite school, kite assistance, board shop, chill area, training area, indoboard, slackline, fluffy beanbags and pretty ‘umbrellas”, a bar with swings and many friends with whom you can party till sunrise, no matter the weather.

More than that, H2O organizes S.U.P. Yoga/Pilates classes, exercises on a Stand’Up Paddle Surf boards.

romanian beaches
H2O Beach, Mamaia

Expirat – Vama Veche Resort

Party Spot

Opened in the summer of 2002, Expirat club witnessed many great parties, people dancing  from the shore of the sea; through the sand, on the beach, on tables and benches, towards the bar and back to the beach.

During the day, lounge & chill music, sun beds near the water, fruity cocktails and friends with tales. During the night, the drums and bass take over, turning the place into a sea of people determined to dance till dawn, make friends, share shots, beers, spread laughter and joy.

romanian beaches
Vama Veche

Baile Reci – Eforie Sud Resort, Techirghiol Lake

Treatment Resort

Close to Constanta and only 3 km away from the Black Sea, Lake Techirghiol is considered by many a “gold mine”. This is because of the Sapropelic Mud found at the bottom of the salty lake. Techirghiol derived from the Turkish “Tekirgö”l which means “the lake of Tekir”. The legend tells that Tekir was an old crippled man who found the place accidentally, while struggling to help his donkey out of the mud. He miraculously started to heal and the Sapropelic mud is still believed to have healing powers.

Techirghiol started to become a very popular tourist attraction due to its famous therapeutic mud after the First World War and people from Romania, as well as tourists for all parts of the world, still come here to benefit of the mud treatments.

romanian beaches
Mud Treatments

Corbu Beach (cover photo)

Located near Mamaia and Navodari resorts in the South and Danube Delta in the North, the Corbu area used to be a wild beach, isolated from the rest of them. Today, Corbu is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This is the place where you can enjoy in the simplest ways the clear water, spacious beach and beautiful wild landscapes.  You can easily find accommodation in proximity of the beach, as well as a camping area for those who prefer tents. For entertainment, you can choose between diving, snorkeling windsurfing, kite surfing and other water sports, or (why not?) try a bit of everything. For those who prefer the solid ground,  the options are not as limited as you may think. Starting with enjoying the silence while fishing, admiring the nature while birding (bird-watching) or test your limits on ATV motocross tracks and biking.

Even more, if history is one of your passions, you shouldn’t miss the occasion of visiting the oldest greek settlement on Romanian soil, Histria City (ro. Cetatea Histriei), dating back from the year 657 B.C. it’s location is in close proximity to Corbu Beach, as well as the Enisala Citadel.

romanian beaches
Corbu Beach

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