Romanian Traditions on May 1st – Labor Day

1 mai_labor day

The meanings of May 1st can be interpreted differently, depending from where they are looked at. While some celebrate the arrival of the sun and summer, the rebirth of the nature and ancient traditions, some are reminded of the riots and protests that created the International Workers Day. By the first half of the 19th […]

February – The month of LOVE

dragobete romanian festival of love

Winter is a season that chills the bones but warms the heart. Starting in December with holidays of giving presents and love that worm even the coldest cell in your body and ending with February the month of old love renewed and new love confessed. In the second month of the year we seek the […]

Why visit Romania?

vist romania

First things first! Why should you visit Romania? The simplest answer would be for its diversity! Romania is an European country situated where the West meets the East, a mixture between old and new, traditional and modern, past and future! Visiting Romania would be an affordable choice for most of you, whether you are just […]