A_BEST launched a Romanian course book designed for expats

A_Best Language Centre has launched its first Romanian course book to help foreign students learn Romanian.

A_BEST , one of the biggest independent language centers in Romania, has launched its very own course book for Romanian as a second language, designed to help expats learn Romanian.

 “Limba română pentru expați” is the result of seven years of training offered to expats working in corporations and Embassies and is divided into 12 units which focus both on Romanian used in professional environment, as well as outside the office.

We have created our own teaching materials for expats because, from our point of view, there is nothing on the market to cater for the actual learning needs of foreign managers who come to our classes. The course book will be used only internally, for our classes. Our aim was to focus on real life situations, either in professional environments or everyday life. It is vital to expose students to common situations, such as online shopping on a Romanian website, going to the petrol station, buying necessary things (such as an RCA policy or paying the road tax) or interacting with public institution clerks”, says Aura Ipate, founder of A_Best.

 „Our training programs for foreign managers must be both formative and informative, this is why we have decided to include, besides the usual language elements, information about Romanian culture, to help our students easily adapt to the Romanian working environment”, she adds.

Laura Sîrbu, Alexandru Macovescu and Cecilia Stănia are authors of “Limba română pentru expați” , trainers for A_BEST, each of them with more than five years of experience in teaching Romanian to foreigners. The course book is available in hard copy and electronic format, and covers all the language areas (reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar). The course book contains a multitude of grammar and vocabulary exercises, for A1- A2 (the language level, according international frameworks).

Since its set up, seven year ago, A_Best has worked with many top companies and different embassies, teaching students from 4 continents: Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

The course book was launched on 5th  November 2015, as part of the series of conferences called “Limba română pe agenda expaților” with Paolo Coletto, Chief Financial Officer & Board Member, Generali România as guest speaker. The event took place at Cişmigiu Hotel in Bucharest, and among the guests there were entrepreneurs, HR managers, representatives of different Embassies in Bucharest and students from the University of Economic Studies – Business Administration.

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