Coffee Talks – Wandering Earl

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 “Enjoyable social interaction, community and laughter have a healing effect on the mind and body.”  Bryant McGill We believe this is the first lesson Derek has learned in his travels. Back in 1999, he left his home in the U.S.A. with a limited budget to travel Southern Asia for three months.  He soon discovered that […]

History Lesson – Targoviste, Romania

Targoviste – View from “Chindiei Tower”

“History is the version of the past that people have decided to agree upon” – Napoleon Bonaparte In our previous article, Urban Backpackers, we talked about the capital city of Romania. However, looking a bit back in history, one can learn that Bucharest wasn’t always the most important city of the country. Between the early […]

Urban Backpackers

Bucharest and the Carpathian Mountains | Photo credit: Dan Mihai Balanescu

When visiting the capital of Romania, you soon discover the diversity of the city. Exploring the streets of Bucharest, you will see cultural landmarks and traces of history; you can look for hidden treasures or works of art, or engage with the locals and feel the vibe of the city. Take a one day city […]

People of Romania: Brasov (part III)


“Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts” Salman Rushdie The novelist’s words take me back to the first part of this article. If you remember, in “People of Romania – Brasov – Part l” I mentioned Mihai’s favorite restaurant as being “Ceasu’Rau” – translated as The Bad Clock, the legend foretells […]

People of Romania: Brasov (part II)

Gabi and her friends at Curmatura Mountain Hut!

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” – Martin Buber As promised in “People of Romania-Brasov (Part I)”, I have returned with more stories from Raul, Gabriela and Mihai about their beautiful hometown! I am, however, going to connect the dots and make an amalgam of their preferences to give you a […]

People of Romania: Brasov (part I)

people of romania

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” – Martin Buber In my attempt of writing about the cities of Romania, I remembered that people enrich your travels more than sights do. With the philosopher’s words in mind, I decided to give you an insight into the lives of people born and raised […]

Transylvania: The Ultimate Destination for Dark Fiction Writers


The NGO Writers & Publishers International has announced they will be returning to Bran this year to sponsor the 2016 edition of The Horror Writer’s Workshop, Transylvania. The organization has invited award-winning American author and teacher Brian Evenson as guest instructor for the seven day retreat which will take place from 7 – 14 August […]

Romania’s Events – Bucket List for 2016

romania’s events_untold

The traditional Romanian name of the month of January is “Gerar”. Literally translated into English as “Frost”, it’s the month in which we want to stay away from the cold, read a book in the warmth of our homes, drink hot tea and plan for the year ahead. However, the first month of the year […]

Winter Sports in Romania

winter sports

The holidays have passed but the winter season is not yet close to an end. The first two months of the year are the favorite among winter sports lovers. Close to a third of Romania’s surface is occupied by mountains, which make the landscapes look like a fairy-tale world when covered in snow. Despite the […]

A_BEST launched a Romanian course book designed for expats


A_Best Language Centre has launched its first Romanian course book to help foreign students learn Romanian. A_BEST , one of the biggest independent language centers in Romania, has launched its very own course book for Romanian as a second language, designed to help expats learn Romanian.  “Limba română pentru expați” is the result of seven […]