Transylvania: The Ultimate Destination for Dark Fiction Writers

The NGO Writers & Publishers International has announced they will be returning to Bran this year to sponsor the 2016 edition of The Horror Writer’s Workshop, Transylvania.

The organization has invited award-winning American author and teacher Brian Evenson as guest instructor for the seven day retreat which will take place from 7 – 14 August in Simon Village, Bran at MamaCozonacilor Pensiune.

Based in Spain, Writers & Publishers International staff and faculty have hosted numerous writing workshops throughout Spain, Europe and the USA. The organization’s mission is to connect writers and publishers across the globe and promote the love of reading and writing among all age groups.

In 2015, a spokesman for WPI announced the organization intended to expand its connections to Romania, stating the history, the beauty of the country, its traditions, and the hospitality of the people would provide a welcoming and ideal setting for all writers.

Last July, WPI held their first edition of The Horror Writer’s Workshop, Transylvania with acclaimed author Richard Thomas as their guest instructor. The 2015 workshop drew in writers from the USA, Spain, Canada, and Romania.

The success of our 2015 retreat was tremendous. It’s a horror writer’s dream to visit not just Transylvania, but Romania. The country is steeped in so much legend and lore, it definitely inspired our writing and the memories and friendships developed will stay with us a lifetime” said Tausha Johnson, President of Writers & Publishers International.

WPI also announced they would like to collaborate more with Romanian writers, and hope that the retreat in 2016 will be a balanced mix of Romanian and international workshop attendees. “In 2015 we were delighted to have Romanian author Igor Bergler (BIBLIA PIERDUTA) join us” said Ms. Johnson. “The exchange between Romanian writers and those from other countries made for a deeply rich and meaningful cultural and literary exchange, and we hope we will see more Romanian writers this year.

To encourage Romanian writers to participate, WPI will offer scholarships to three individuals who demonstrate an interest and ability in writing dark fiction. This includes all sub-genres of horror fiction. Experience or publication is not necessary, but applicants should have a passion for writing and desire to push their writing to new levels.

WPI is certain the writing workshops will provide both new and established writers significant insight into the horror genre and the publishing industry. For more information about applying for a scholarship, please contact Revista de Suspans.

The Horror Writer’s Workshop, Transylvania will take place from 7-14 August 2016 in Bran, Brasov, Romania.



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