Romania’s Events – Bucket List for 2016

The traditional Romanian name of the month of January is “Gerar”. Literally translated into English as “Frost”, it’s the month in which we want to stay away from the cold, read a book in the warmth of our homes, drink hot tea and plan for the year ahead.

However, the first month of the year is called January since it was introduced in the Roman calendar around 700 B.C.  It was said that “Janus” (“Ianus”), the Roman God of beginnings and transitions had two faces, one looking back to the year that has passed while the other facing forward, towards the year to follow.

Same as “Janus”, we will look forward to the following months and share with you the most exciting events Romania is holding in 2016.

Already at the 19th edition, Sunwaves Festival will take place between April 28th and May 2nd, on a beach in Mamaia Nord, Constanta. As a tradition, Romanians start the Summer Season on May 1st, and the Black Sea shore is the best place to welcome the sun.

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Heading West towards the capital city of Romania, the next event will gather all nerds and geeks to the East European Comic Convention in Bucharest in the month of May, 27th to 29th. Starting with your favorite superheroes to actors from today’s coolest TV series, from Cosplay professionals to “everyone should have a costume”, from comic books to figurines of all sizes with our cherished anime characters, there will be tones of things to do at EECC. And don’t forget to visit the Gaming, drawing and Board gaming areas, where you can easily make new friends or challenge your old ones!

Going North on the map, we’ll discover a fairytale land in close proximity to Cluj-Napoca city, where the domain of Banffy Castle will host the Electric Castle Festival from the 14th till the 17th of July, 2016. The organizers had already made public the lineup of this year’s edition, on top of the list being “Sigur Ros”, but Electric Castle is not all about the music, but about people, experiences, lessons and smiles.

For those who prefer to stay in the city, Cluj-Napoca will hold the winner of the #EuropeanFestivalAwards (BEST MAJOR FESTIVAL in 2015) – Untold Festival – starting August 4th. This would be the second chance in one summer to visit the beautiful architecture of the city, learn a bit of its history and make friends from all over the country. In the heart of Transylvania, if I may quote, “5 kings will rule the Land of Untold”. In time, we will discover the four kings that are to join Tiesto on the stages of the 3rd edition of this unforgettable festival.

Going just a little bit South from Cluj on Romania’s map, you will reach Brasov Country where there’s a small town called Rasnov. That’s the location of the 4th edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest on 11th-14th of August, 2016. Metalheads from all over Europe will gather in the mountains to meet their favorite bands, letting the mosh pits take them closer to the stage and to their fellow metalheads.

Plai Festival is getting ready for its 11th edition. If visiting Timisoara is part of your plans for future, the best time of the year for you to make it a present is the beginning of September, 9th-11th. To be more precise, three days for you to enjoy a festival organized 100% by volunteers. Three days for 9 “world music”, jazz and fusion concerts and over 200 different activities including games, workshops, theater, film, art and many others.

Extra: And in case you haven’t got the chance to see the Irish/English comedians, Dylan Moran and Jimmy Carr, but plan to visit Bucharest around February 3rd and/or April 2nd, you will be able to check at least one box from your bucket list.

Stay posted for future articles as we will come back with more information about these events and many more throughout the year!


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