A Night at the Museums

Since 2004, Romanian museums open their doors to the public, organizing events and unique expositions to celebrate, along with many other similar institutions throughout Europe, The Night of the Museums. Initiated by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the event is taking place every year on a Saturday, around the 18th of May, the International Museum Day.

In Bucharest, the number of participants for the “Night of the Museums” has grown each year until today when 30 museums and 20 cultural organizations will bring color to the city, yet the 2015 edition will be a special one. The National Network of Museums in Romania organized this year’s event as a protest in order to raise a flag on all the art pieces reclaimed from their collections. On May 16th, a valuable work of art will be covered with a black canvas in every museum and cultural institution.

The National Museum of Art of Romania will join the above mentioned protest by organizing an event entitled “Priveste arta, arta te priveste”, in translation “Look at the art, the art is watching you”,  using the first floor of the National Gallery to exhibit frames and substructures that are no longer part of their patrimony.

The National History Museum has prepared a “great celebration” for its 43rd year anniversary. The main event is entitled “Looking Back into the Past- Sultana, Malu Rosu”, a prehistoric settlement dating back 6000 years, with the purpose of taking the public in a journey through time to the oldest archeological sights in Romania. They will hold educational workshops, themed tours of the permanent expositions, dance and music shows as well as a middle-ages costumes parade.

The National Museum “George Enescu” holds the “Aeroportul Oniria” (Dream Airport), where unknown people will share the same experience as a road to a different destination. Your imagination will run free on classical and choral music, jazz fusion and also tunes of traditional instruments.

For the first time this year, Otopeni Airport will also join the cultural organization in the “Night of the Museums” event and it will welcome all travelers with a photography exhibition entitled “Bucharest, seen through your eyes”. The list of museums and events is long and impressive, yet we will only remind those we believe you shouldn’t miss.

HISTORY: National Museum of Geology – presentation of the research activities of the Geologic Institute of Romania; Foisorul de Foc (Fire Tour) – history of the National Museum of Firemen; The National Museum of Maps and Old Books –  temporary exposition of old maps of Armenia;

ART : The Art Museum “Vasile Grigore” –  a collection of over 600 vinyl discs of Romanian and International classical musical being a small part of the painters heritage; Central School for Girls – sketches and drawings from the central press of the early 20th century and screenings of Bucharest stories.

SHOWS: Museum of the Romanian Peasant – outdoor screening of a documentary in the interior yard; Bellu Museum – an evening of Musicals and Film;

MUSIC AND DANCE: National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” – shows of traditional Romanian dances, craftsmen fair and creativity workshops; National Technical Museum “Professor Engineer Dimitrie Leonida” – sound and light shows that will test the auditory and visual limits of the guests

Participating for the first time to the “Night of the Museums” event, the Museum of the National Bank of Romania will celebrate their 135th anniversary with an exhibit of the gold ingots, while the National Dance Center Bucharest has set the goal of active writing its own history so far absent.

As for those who enjoy SIGHTSEEING, you should visit the so called “Vacaresti National Park Observatory” where you can admire the “small delta of Bucharest” from the 17th floor.

And Bucharest is not the only city in which the “Night of the Museums” has spread. Museums from over 20 counties like Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Constanta and many others have opened the gates for people to enjoy a pleasant, educating and fun evening, and why not, night.

We advise you to check the full list of cities, in case you are in any of them, you should follow the crowd! – http://www.noapteamuzeelor.ro/

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