Nomad Couple Discovering Bucharest

 “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

How many of you have thought, at least once in your lifetime, to just pack your bags and travel the world?

We had the pleasure of meeting a happily married couple that did not only think of it, but actually applied their plan. In November 2014, Chris and Angela created the “Nomadic Lifestyle”, packed their bags, sold the rest of their belongings and bought two one ‘way tickets to London.

 “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  Lao Tzu

They had no determined plan for the places they would want to go to. They decided to follow their guts and go where life takes them. And so, the end of May brought them to Romania. We picked them up from the Henry Coanda Airport in Bucharest and made a short presentation of the city on our way to their hotel. The details came in later in the day, after they had some time to rest from the trip.

Chris and Angela chose first the “Hidden Treasures” walking tour in Bucharest. Why? Because the capital was to be their home for the following 2 weeks and walking with a local was the best way for them to get to know the city, to find different things they may need for their travels. This is how Chris got new lens for his camera and we strongly advise you to check the pictures he takes with so much passion for their readers.

In their article, Chris mentioned going on a tour with “Siri on steroids”; they learned about our culture, history and customs; they were mostly impressed by the details of the orthodox churches, as well as by the diversity of the city. But most of all, they made new friends… and so did we.

@nomadiclifestyleorg Quiz: who is your new friend in #Bucharest?

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The time to discover what is beyond the city had started with the “Surroundings Tour”. In close proximity of Bucharest, Caldarusani and Snagov Monasteries, as well as the Mogosoaia Palace were waiting to be discovered by Chris and Angela.

This made them want to explore even further. So they booked another tour – ­the “ROMANTIC Tour – Dracula and Castles” was next on the list so they headed to Prahova County. They got to see the Royal Residence of Carol First, Peles Castle, as well as the widely known “Dracula’s Castle” in Bran and took the lunch break in the Heart of Transylvania, Brasov.

What we learned about our nomad friends, Chris and Angela:

– Angela is indeed a bookworm and was impressed by our book vending machines from the metro stations. Proof:

– Chris loves photography (he’s also really good at it) and is always chasing high grounds of every city for the best landscapes.

– They are a couple of geeks and one thing they missed most in their travels is board games. For proof, we just had to mention we have comic book stores, where we can play almost any board game.

– Chris and Angela like to meet the locals and join their events.

Board Games in Bucharest
Board Games in Bucharest
Street Delivery Event
Street Delivery Event
On top of Fabrica Club
On top of Fabrica Club

What did the Nomadic Lifestyle enjoy most in Bucharest?  Books, Art, Parks and Food! They enjoyed the Carturesti Library that they discovered during the Hidden Treasures tour; the street fairs and events; the Green Bucharest; and if any of their videos or articles about Romanian food left you craving, check out our monthly recipe articles.

Two weeks have passed quickly with so many things to do. And it’s been almost one month already since we took Chris and Angela back to the airport. On to the next location, new adventures and friends will await them. As for us, we gained great friends and cannot wait to make even more.

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