Nomad Couple Discovering Bucharest

Street Delivery Event

 “We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”  Robert Louis Stevenson How many of you have thought, at least once in your lifetime, to just pack your bags and travel the world? We had the pleasure of meeting a happily […]

Horror Writer’s Workshop

horror writer's workshop

“It’s a horror writer’s dream to visit not just Transylvania, but Romania. The country is steeped in so much legend and lore, it’s sure to feed your imagination and leave its mark on you for a lifetime. The country, as a whole, is the ultimate destination for anyone who writes dark fiction,” says HWWT Director […]

Transylvanian villages with fortified churches

fortified churches - prejmer

Last but not least on our journeys list, there are the transylvanian villages with fortified churches, which present the lively image of the cultural life in Transylvania. These villages are characterized by the way their land is cultivated, the settlement pattern and organization of farms, preserved since the Middle Ages. They are dominated by their […]

What’s next – Events, Concerts, Festivals

International Theatre Festival_SIBIU

Not yet summer but still warm enough to get the fun and games started. This year a wave of concerts and other events come rushing over Romania. From rock concerts, classical music festivals, film festivals, sports events and why not nerd conventions. We warm up this spring with some sports. After Romania’s Simona Halep takes […]

Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara (UNESCO Heritage)

medieval citadel of sighisoara

Now that spring is here, the sun is shining bright and the air started to smell of flowers, we realize that the Easter holidays are coming. And what a good time it is for a nice vacation in the heart of Romania, the mysterious Transylvania.  Where else in Transylvania can we find more mystery and […]

Romanian Spring Traditions (part 2) – Woman’s Day and Mucenici


We continue our spring celebration streak with a wonderful and loving yearly event, Mother’s Day. This day is celebrated since 1977, voted by the UN as International Woman’s Day, and is today celebrated by over 60 countries. In Romania, at schools, we would take pictures that are made into Mother’s Day cards, we make small […]