Romanian Traditions – July

In Romania, July’s popular name is “Cuptor” (en. Oven, Stove), the month of intense heat or “baking”, being one of the hottest months of the year.

In this post we are going to tell you about old Romanian traditions that are specific to this month of the year, July; some of them kept their value even nowadays.

As we are in the middle of the summer, people start reaping and harvesting their land.

In the old times, people were very superstitious and thus they kept great respect towards the force of nature. They were so afraid of losing their year’s worth of hard work that they divided the month in 4, each week being assigned to a specific belief.

 “The Week of Reaping” was dedicated to farming activities and all peasants would work their lands from dusk till dawn.

The following two weeks are dedicated to deities, to be more exact, Saint Ilie and his sisters “Pandelii”. “The Week of Pantelii”, goddesses of the sun that can bring heat and have the power to cause fires. “The Week of Santilie”, the one controlling the storm, thunders and lightnings… creepy!

 “The Week of Summer” is left at the end of the month for celebrating the summer season and a fruitful year.

As for the superstitions we have mentioned, here’s a list of Romanian sayings and old beliefs:

– As hot as the month of “Cuptor” can get, as cold the month of “Faurar” (February) will be!

– The lovers getting married in July are to be wealthy and happy for the rest of their lives, not losing sight of what brought them together 🙂

– If during the month of July, sunshine and rain will chase each other, there will be plentiful lands;

– The fields of those who do not respect the celebration of “Pantelii” will burn!

– When a spider breaks its web in two, it’s a sign of rain (lovely, isn’t it?)

– When the ant heaps are higher than usual, a hard winter is expected.

Consider yourself warned! 😀

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