Salvador Dali at the Cantacuzino Castle

In this article, we are more than honored to tell you about a unique event that takes place in our lovely Romania: “Welcome into my brain” an exhibition gathering more than 200 original artworks of the one and only, Salvador Dali!

The exhibition is opened between July 22nd and October 4th at the Cantacuzino Castle from Busteni.

Let us give you some ground coordinates.

If you have already planned a trip to Romania, you probably also read a bit about the country and its geomorphology. Like the fact that the Carpathian Mountains cover approximately 1/3 of Romania’s surface and offer travelers the best landmarks and landscapes.

Prahova Valley is an important touristic region, where the Prahova River makes its way between Bucegi and Baiu Mountains. What makes this region even more interesting is that it’s located very close to Romania’s capital, Bucharest.  By following the road, you can pass through or near many beautiful mountain resorts, such as Sinaia, Predeal, Azuga,  Busteni and so on.

Out of these mountain resorts, we will stop in Busteni! Literally translated tree-logs, the place is not only offering spectacular views and recreational activities such as skiing or mountain climbing, but is also full of history and culture.

From the natural wonders we can mention Urlatoarea Waterfall; the famous Sphinx; Babele (The Old Women) plateau and also the National Park Busteni.

If you also seek cultural landmarks while in Busteni you can visit the Cross from the Caraiman Peak, symbol of the heroes from the First World War; the Memorial Museum and House of Cezar Petrescu, a famous Romanian writer; the Cantacuzino Castle; the Royal Church, built in 1889 by King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth, where you can still admire the original paintings; Caraiman Monastery, that will conquer you with its fabulous landscapes.

After getting to know our surroundings, our next stop will be at the Cantacuzino Castle. A great architectonic and full of history construction, the castle was built in 1911 at the wish of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (also known as “the Nabob”- prime minister of Romania between 1899-1900 and 1904-1907). Due to his descendance from the Cantacuzino emperors of the Byzantine and his colossal wealth, the prince gained the nickname “The Nabob”. He used a significant part of his fortune to build three important palaces: the Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest, located on Victory Avenue, which now houses the National Museum “George Enescu”; the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni, sometimes called “Cantacuzino Palace Busteni”, today also a museum; and Cantacuzino Palace in Floresti, nicknamed “Little Trianon“, now in ruins.

The castle is built in Neo-romanian style on an impressive terrain, being surrounded by a park that holds grotto, cascades and fountains. The building is made of bricks and stone and was designed by the Romanian architect Grigore Cerchez. One can marvel all day long at the beauty of the domain, but the interior of the castle has also special features that will impress you.cantacuzino castle

The romantic ambience is highlighted by the stained glasses and painted ceilings, Carrara marble and fireplaces made of white stone and bearing polychrome mosaics, while the interior columns present the Brancovenesc style.  Inside its walls you can also find the heraldry of the Cantacuzino Family, the castle holding an unique collection representing the coat of arms of the boyar families related to the family members of the Wallachian side.

“Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure – that of being Salvador Dali.”

Salvador Dali is amongst the most celebrated artists of all time. He was not only a man, but a master at his craft. And he knew that! He was a Spanish Surrealist painter and a complete artist being also involved in film, sculpture and photography. He was the kind of artist that took risks, embracing boundless creativity, a man who understood that art is the best way of enriching the world.

As previously mentioned, it is our pleasure to invite you to Salvador Dali’s exhibition “Welcome into my brain!”. Held in Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni, it houses xylography, lithography, metal engraving works of art and can be visited between July 22nd and October 4th. For the event, over 200 original artworks of Salvador Dali will be exhibited in 5 rooms, one of which being reserved only for the Tarot Cards collection.

If you love art and culture, if you’ve always wanted to see Dali’s work or you are just curios to find more about this great name, now is the perfect time for you to discover Romania and take advantage of the event held at the Cantacuzino Castle.

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