Why visit Romania?

First things first! Why should you visit Romania? The simplest answer would be for its diversity!

Romania is an European country situated where the West meets the East, a mixture between old and new, traditional and modern, past and future!

Visiting Romania would be an affordable choice for most of you, whether you are just passing by for a day or you want to explore more in a longer trip!

Whatever you might be looking for, you have the greatest chance to find it here: from the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Bucharest, to towering mountains in the ancient Carpathians; from the unique Danube’s Delta to the beautiful and wild beaches. You can visit both vibrant cities and traditional villages, meet the locals in cozy bars or listen to the stories and legends of our past.

You will discover castles, fortified churches and old painted monasteries; you will taste traditional dishes from different areas of the country and enjoy our great wines.

This is your opportunity to spend a unique holiday with your friends, family or, why not, meet new people!

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