Women that changed the world

queen-mary_national costume

As we celebrate women this month we cannot skip honoring some women that accomplished greatness through their actions in either leading and ruling, research, art, education, or sports. We will mention women that changed history for Romania or even for the entire world. Some of them acted bravely in a time when women should not […]

Romanian Spring Traditions (part 2) – Woman’s Day and Mucenici


We continue our spring celebration streak with a wonderful and loving yearly event, Mother’s Day. This day is celebrated since 1977, voted by the UN as International Woman’s Day, and is today celebrated by over 60 countries. In Romania, at schools, we would take pictures that are made into Mother’s Day cards, we make small […]

Recipe of the month – SARMALE

sarmale_recipe of the month_

The other days I was thinking what makes me, a Romanian, feel at home. And then it hit me…the amazing smell of my grandma’s food hit me, straight out of the oven. It was sarmale (Minced pork, rice and some vegetables and condiments wrapped in sour cabbage).The most popular food in Romania on holidays, weddings, […]

Winter End Road Trip

The Sphinx Prahova Valley

As we slowly but steadily reach the end of February we realize that snow is almost gone from the side of the road. Those huge piles that gathered all winter, shoved aside by the utility machines that cleared the road are almost melted completely and we can see on the field pretty clear now the […]

The Infinite Gift that is Brancusi

brancusi targu jiu infinite column

“They are all imbeciles those that say about my work that it is abstract; what they call abstract is the purest realism, because reality is not represented by exterior form, but by the idea behind it, by the essence of things.” –Constantin Brancusi This week we celebrate a genius of shapes, a father of creations […]

What’s new in the Old Town

carturesti carousel (3)

As we are getting closer to the middle of February the days although cold, are brighter and longer. We feel the urge to get out and stop praying that March comes faster so we can defreeze and be more social and out there. Absorbing the sunrays and charging up like Superman we take the subway […]

February – The month of LOVE

dragobete romanian festival of love

Winter is a season that chills the bones but warms the heart. Starting in December with holidays of giving presents and love that worm even the coldest cell in your body and ending with February the month of old love renewed and new love confessed. In the second month of the year we seek the […]


Bucharest communism

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, a country located at the crossroads of Southeastern and Central Europe. Known by its diversity, by the mix of the past with the modern, Bucharest is for sure a destination that will surprise you with all its secrets. For example, did you know that Bucharest was formerly called Little Paris? That […]

Why visit Romania?

vist romania

First things first! Why should you visit Romania? The simplest answer would be for its diversity! Romania is an European country situated where the West meets the East, a mixture between old and new, traditional and modern, past and future! Visiting Romania would be an affordable choice for most of you, whether you are just […]