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Today we will share with the world our latest discoveries and experiences. We started up with the opening of a new, highly interesting and needed place here in Bucharest, a big investment and collaboration of Seytour and Dr. Leahu, to create The Center of Excellence in Healthcare and Tourism.  After we attended a presentation of the project, meet the team, meet the sponsors (among which was the Romanian football team Dinamo) we were guided downstairs, at the ground floor of the Rin Grand Hotel where we participated to the ribbon cutting and opening of the Center. 25 doctors from Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Romania and many other countries  will provide quality personalized services for foreign and Romanian clients that will come to these clinics. The offers will also include tour services and recuperation plans at resorts like Blaxy (5*****). After we were presented the five superb dental offices, we were delighted with a short panpipe recital by Nicolae Voiculet the ambassador of Romanian tourism.

hadar chalet_

Seeing as the weather was getting nicer by the day, we decided to take a trip to the mountains and spend the night in style at the newly reopened Hadar Chalet. The building itself is amazingly beautiful. Dressed up in wood in the middle of a mountain forest, all cozy and nice inside, with furs and a stone fireplace, fire cracking, just dreamy. The rooms are comfortable and intimate, not two alike, amazing view out the window, it just warms you up inside. Oh and the food! The food is out of this world. From fresh forest mushrooms cooked with wizard skills, to succulent game and fresh vegetables that glow and glisten in your plate. You can complete your evenings with the best wine and brandy the area can offer, and I can assure you it touches your core. The setting of the chateau is ideal for a relaxing vacation, if you just want to relax, or go enjoy some winter sports, or hiking and exploring. Even if you are just passing by, it is well worth giving this place a look and you will fall in love with it at first site.

Back in Bucharest life is as always: exciting and full of surprises. It was a huge surprise to find what we found at “La trenulete” (At the trains). We entered the narrow door not knowing what to expect, but when I did I instantly turned into a 10 year old boy (although I am not 10, and not a boy). le trenuleteThe place is not huge, maximum 40 seats I believe, but it’s so worth it. All around the walls, the bar, next to the tables, there are train tracks, miniature towns and train stations, mountains, rivers, terraces. Next to every table there is a sing identical to signs of the train stations in Romania, like Comarnic, Sinaia, Gara de Nord, etc. Each station has a green and a red button. If you push the red button one of the yellow locomotives that go around the restaurant, will stop at your table. In the meantime you would have looked through the menu and using the tickets in front of you would punch a hole in the ticket with your option, then slide it inside the locomotive and push the green button and see it go down the track all the way to the bar. There is no getting bored waiting, trains are rushing around you, stopping at the red light as the tracks change, and then you see a train with its wagons loaded with what it looks like your order. You watch it coming and then it stops right at your station, you unload your order and push the green button to let it go it’s way. As you enjoy your drinks you can watch trains loaded with drinks zooming past you to deliver the order to the other clients. Of course there is a ticket for the bill also, and you can request it the same way you order, but don’t pay via train or it might get hijacked.


Photo source: hadarchalet.ro, facebook.com/latrenuletec

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