Bucharest – Green Parks (part 1)

green parks

When visiting Bucharest, one should pass over the concrete barrier and check the beautiful green parks the city has to offer. Our team has already designed a GREEN CITY TOUR discovering some of the most important green spaces of the capital, parks that we will describe in the following article. Herastrau Park is not only the […]

Horror Writer’s Workshop

horror writer's workshop

“It’s a horror writer’s dream to visit not just Transylvania, but Romania. The country is steeped in so much legend and lore, it’s sure to feed your imagination and leave its mark on you for a lifetime. The country, as a whole, is the ultimate destination for anyone who writes dark fiction,” says HWWT Director […]

A Night at the Museums

museums bucharest

Since 2004, Romanian museums open their doors to the public, organizing events and unique expositions to celebrate, along with many other similar institutions throughout Europe, The Night of the Museums. Initiated by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the event is taking place every year on a Saturday, around the 18th of May, the […]

A brief history of Dobrogea and Black Sea Resorts


Dobrogea is an historic habitat, the territory between the Black Sea and Danube being divided into Romanian and Bulgarian land. Starting with the 8th century B.C., Greek ships carrying families of merchants, craftsmen, soldiers and sailors enter the sea they called “Sciti Axaina” (dark blue). In 514, Dobrogea was inhabited by the Getae and Dacians […]

Romanian Traditions on May 1st – Labor Day

1 mai_labor day

The meanings of May 1st can be interpreted differently, depending from where they are looked at. While some celebrate the arrival of the sun and summer, the rebirth of the nature and ancient traditions, some are reminded of the riots and protests that created the International Workers Day. By the first half of the 19th […]

Romanian Traditions on May 1st – May Day

romanian traditions

In pre-Christian period, May 1st was a major celebration for the people of old Europe. Different nations celebrated the beginning of the summer, the idea of rebirth of nature, not infrequently marked by drink, dance and fun. Many ancient customs associated with May Day come from the old Roman festival of flowers (the worship of […]

Coolest places in Bucharest to recharge your batteries

coolest places in bucharest

In a city as diverse as Bucharest, where the sights tempt you to wander through history, your energy is consumed every time you jump from the Belle Epoque to the period between wars, communism and into the present days. In wanting to see and learn as much as possible, the importance of a break is […]

Reasons to visit Romania this summer

romanian cities

Winter has passed, the sun is up and the blooming trees invite us to start planning our vacations. Romania gives the start for the summer season on May 1st and we have prepared a list of some of the most stirring events that will, once more, prove the diversity of our country. April 25th -26th  […]

Transylvanian villages with fortified churches

fortified churches - prejmer

Last but not least on our journeys list, there are the transylvanian villages with fortified churches, which present the lively image of the cultural life in Transylvania. These villages are characterized by the way their land is cultivated, the settlement pattern and organization of farms, preserved since the Middle Ages. They are dominated by their […]